Getting excited about 2013

indyon paper

Here’s my dog Indy helping me to work on my new project! I’m an old school kind of worker when I first start something and I need to be able to have it fleshed out on paper to see the interconnections before I can tackle it on screen. Maybe it’s the teacher in me – I have an unhealthy love for scrawling ideas on butcher’s paper  (and in creating my own version of this with A4 and sticky tape when I have no butcher’s paper to hand – just call me Sharon paper MacGyver). Anyway I digress …

I’m nearly ready to launch my brand new adventure (aka pilot project) for 2013. I’m interested in ways that we can create meaningful learning and teaching opportunities for PSTs, for teachers in schools and for those working in teacher education. So in this pilot I’m going to be based  in a secondary school in our region and based as a lecturer at UB. The model will enable PSTs to be involved in an enriched pre-placement and placement experience where they are able to learn more about the school community and become involved in a range of projects. They will also be involved in working with me in the school using the Instructional Rounds model prior to and during their placement in the school. The pilot will also involve looking at ways we can better mentor our pre-service teachers during placement and unpack the learning that is taking place for them. I will also have a role as a hybrid academic – working in a teaching role with some Year 7 French and some Year 7 English classes, and linking my work in those subjects and the school more broadly back to the courses I will be teaching next year at uni. It should be an interesting journey! Stay tuned for more updates in the next couple of weeks 🙂


One response to “Getting excited about 2013

  1. She is such a good helper!!! Miss her (ok so completely off the track of what you’re talking about – sorry)

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