Welcome to 2013! Time to shut up and write….

The first day of work for 2013 is upon me and I’m tackling it head on with a cup of freshly brewed coffee and much enthusiasm about what lies ahead.

This year sees me kicking off my pilot project as an embedded academic in a school working with staff, students and pre-service teachers and I’m really looking forward to the challenges and the opportunities that lie ahead. I’m going to be teaching year 7 English and year 7 French (gulp- it’s a while since I’ve taught this!) so I’ve spent some of the pre-xmas holiday break getting stuck into reading some young adult fiction and watching the French news on SBS. I’m passionate about reading and sharing stories of my reading with the students I teach and so I like to be able to discuss the books they are enjoying as well – stay tuned for a couple of blog posts about some young adult fiction books I’ve been loving! Meanwhile at uni I’ll be teaching in the Grad Dip Ed (Sec) program and the Bachelor of Ed – and I’ve been filling my notebook with ideas for my courses this year.

Today though I’m loving this idea!  http://thesiswhisperer.com/shut-up-and-write/Sometimes one of the greatest challenges we face as academics is finding some time for writing without distraction. At the same time locking yourself away and trying to write can be isolating and frustrating. I’ve been really enjoying the collaborative process of writing with Maryann and Robyn as we always make sure that we block out time for writing in our diaries, meet somewhere other than our offices if possible and have a goal set for our writing sessions. Often we start our collaborative writing with a coffee and a chat and then it’s down to business! I think the ‘Shut up and write’ idea is a perfect for one of our Better Pedagogies meetings early this year as so many of us will be trying to finish off papers that have been sitting on our to-do list since last year. So today – I’m going to set up a Shut up and write session for sometime in Jan and we’ll see who turns up – and more importantly, how much writing we accomplish!


3 responses to “Welcome to 2013! Time to shut up and write….

  1. How did the session go?

  2. Thanks Sharon

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