Bursting at the seams

Like most teachers out there, I’ve spent today getting organised for the return to school this week. As always the calendar for the school year is looking pretty full and for me the challenge of working at school and at university means I’m going to need to be super organised! I’ve always been a diary fan and whether it is a black bound diary for uni or a blue school chronicle I always seem to push them to their limits, stuffing them full of treasures, notes, plans, until their poor spines bend and then, finally, break. This happened earlier than usual last  year and I spent the last couple of months of the year carting around a diary that had bright orange ‘FRAGILE’ packing tape down the spine of it. It may have been a literal cry for help from both me and the diary – I’m not sure.

I hold Winona Ryder responsible for this as ever since I saw her with an overstuffed filofax in Reality Bites I have basically assumed that this is social acceptance of an overstuffed diary. This year I’m going to try and limit the stuffing though and have taken to a digital calendar for the first time in my life. Now I’m sure this sounds mad – you’re probably thinking “How can she only be moving to a digital calendar now?”. To be honest, I’m not quite sure. I’ve accepted appointments in digital format for a while, but I never actually used the digital calendar, just carefully translated the diary dates to my hard copy and off I went.

This year though, I’ve started as I mean to go on. I’ve got a colour coded calendar system happening and now that I’ve moved to the Apple dark side and I have my laptop, phone and tablet all on the one system I’m loving the ease of syncing my calendars and planning my weeks. So let’s see how I go in this digital shift. I’ve still got a hard copy diary and a hard copy chronicle as old habits die hard. I might just be bursting across three types of seams now…

So as I set sail for school tomorrow there’s only one thing left to try and organise.  I just need to find a program to ease the slight nausea that occurs when I look at the calendar and all I need to do ;P


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