Next stop on the writing road trip.

Today I stopped in at the academic equivalent of a roadside cafe – I lay on the floor of my office and stared up at the ceiling. I was hoping for inspiration, for the genesis of an idea that would help move our paper forward. Maryann, my co-writer sat at the table in my office with her computer and a copy of our paper in hand. Feet up I may have been hoping that the force of blood rushing to my head would help with the process although I’m not convinced it did.

Nevertheless, we got there in the end  – well if not there, we got somewhere. Another point on the writing journey, moving from the town of Dead End, population 2 (well I’m sure there are more than just 2 of us there at any given time), to the town of Rewrite where the population is transient, stopping in and then moving on.

The time to pause and think is a central part of the process and today I was lucky enough to have a couple of hours where we could do this. While my to-do list seems to be growing ever longer rather than shorter, for a while I was able to suspend this (and using this makes me think of Bruce Dawe and his beautiful poem Katrina and that line of being “suspended between earth and sky”, but I digress) and just focus on the task before me. Two hours later and I had nothing written down but I had a road map in my head.

Maybe I’ll see you in the town of Rewrite?


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