You are a glitch in the machine.



The machine glides smoothly and noiselessly most of the time. The pieces shift and move together, outputs occur and the makers of the machine are assured that they are producing something of worth.


Every so often a glitch in the machine appears. A piece of the machinery falters. It wears out, it moves to a new part of the factory, or it no longer works effectively and needs to be replaced. New pieces slide in, the machine pauses briefly and then begins humming again. Other glitches are more problematic, they cause the machine to clunk and they make too much noise, drawing too much attention to the way the machine runs and to flaws in the design. These pieces require special attention, sometimes the machine makers try to grease the pieces, to quiet the clunking and get the piece to slip back into unison with the machine. Other pieces are more stubborn, they will not be stilled, they want to work and whir out of step with the rest of the machine. This cannot be allowed. An alert message thrums, the message says ‘You are a glitch in the machine’.


You are a glitch in the machine.

The machine makers will attempt to still you, to silence you, and then, if this does not work, you will be removed from the machine.


You are a glitch in the machine.

 You make life difficult. You call into question things that others want you to accept blindly. You are problematic as you do not fit the pre-designed cutout pattern of a machine piece. They will try to blunt your edges, to reshape you. Yet, you will not be moulded.


You are a glitch in the machine.

The machine makers will tell you it is your fault. There is something wrong with you if you don’t fit the machine. The machine is not broken, it is not poorly designed, look how long it has been running and all it has created. It is you.


You are a glitch in the machine.

If permitted to remain, you may make the whole machine creak and sway. Your running out of time may cause other pieces of the machine to splinter and crack. This is dangerous. You are dangerous.


You are a glitch in the machine.

They are right to be worried about you. You want to make the machine anew, rebuild it from the ground up. The machine makers reach in and you hold tight, your bolt is threaded and they are not going to easily shift you, not without having to see what it was that first held you in place.


Will this be enough?


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