Academic Writing Month starts in November!

This is a post from a couple of weeks back – I had this grand plan of having a separate blog for AcWriMo – but in reality, it has just become another thing to manage – so I’m putting all my posts for AcWriMo on here!

What is AcWriMo?

AcWriMo is held during November to encourage academics to set goals for themselves and their writing. Academics across the globe sign on to the challenge and set a goal they would like to accomplish during the month of November. The goal can be as big or small as you like. Some people set goals to ‘finish 2 journal articles that have been in draft form’, others set goals to ‘write at least 300 words each day’. It’s a choose your own adventure where you can decide the level of challenge you want to set yourself!

Charlotte Frost (from PhD2Published blog) came up with these guidelines (and you can read them if you check out her blog).

Decide on a goal – word, time, etc

Declare your goal publicly – online here in the comments would be great!

Draft a strategy – and you may want to share that here too

Discuss your challenges, progress, success – you can do that here too in the comments

Share the results at the end of the month – what did you achieve!

Why do it?

Academics who have participated in AcWriMo describe the benefits as giving you a specific focus for your writing, and the fact that you can  begin to develop a community of writers sharing their experiences, challenges, and successes over a one month period. While some people are critical of this challenge, thinking it may place more pressure on academics, others think it enables us to focus on the process of writing (check out the thesis whisperer post below).  People share what they are doing through blogs, Twitter (using #AcWriMo) and through the AcWriMo google doc where people sign up. You can check out some links and more information about it here

What will you be writing?

So I invite you to take on the challenge and participate in Academic Writing Month with me. I’m going to come up with a plan and some goals and post them back on here and I hope you’ll share yours too 🙂


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