AcWriMo is underway!

Friday saw the beginning of AcWriMo and my plans for devoting some time to writing, thinking about writing and talking about writing. By 3.30 pm on Friday when I was still to have lunch and hadn’t even had a chance to sit down at my computer, I was beginning to wonder if the first day of AcWriMo was going to be a write off. The day had started with a presentation to my colleagues in our EdForum about the work I’ve been doing this year, I’d used the title ‘Who I am today is not who I was yesterday: Journeys in the third space of teacher education’ and I had a nifty slide from Alice in Wonderland to illustrate that sometimes it was like falling down a rabbit hole. I was chuffed by the lovely feedback from my colleagues and their interest in the work that I’ve been undertaking, so even though I hadn’t managed to sit down and write by Friday afternoon, I’d spent the morning exchanging lots of interesting ideas and concepts were swirling around in my brain.

One of my other stops on Friday was to meet with one of my Masters students  – a teacher working full-time in a local secondary school and completing her studies part-time. We met at the school and worked on her ethics application – she’s reached a point where she is excited and keen to get underway and into generating some data – it’s great to be part of this journey of hers. This got me thinking about Pat Thomson’s recent series of blog posts on the nature of supervision – you can read the latest one on supervision and the ethic of care
‘One day I must get around to writing some of my thoughts about this supervising bizzo down’, I thought to myself as I left the school, stomach rumbling, and headed back to the car.

It was after 5pm before I managed to even think about sitting down to write and by then my Twitter feed was full of people sharing what they’d achieved that day – I was jealous and keen to make sure that I hit my target of at least 30 mins writing each day. I dragged myself and my laptop onto the couch (not sure if this is considered an appropriate workspace) and began working on a column I needed to finish for a professional journal. An hour passed, the column was finally finished and I had managed to hit a goal on day one of AcWriMo. I tweeted my self-satisfaction and closed my laptop down for the day. Surely it would be easier to find the time to write on day two?

Day two dawned bright and sneezy. The pollen count generator on the internet said today was a bad day but that only confirmed what my body had told me when I awoke at 5.30 am sneezing and itchy. Still a 5.30 start on a Saturday proved to be a boon for AcWriMo. Cup of tea in hand, I was up and and working on the supporting documentation for an application due in on Wednesday – maybe not strictly part of my AcWriMo goals but a very necessary piece of writing that needed to be accomplished. 2 hours later and I’d constructed 2000 words that hopefully will convince the panel to let us on board a new project. By this time the sun was shining and the motorbike was calling and I swore I’d get up at 5.30 am every day to write. Let’s see how long that plan lasts 😛


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