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Let the rap battle commence!

I’ve written before about the white noise that can exist online and sometimes I search for ways to navigate this noise, to find a path through the bombardment of ideas, exchanges, tweets, posts, emails, links and connections. On Sunday though as I sat in my pjs doing school work and thinking about the week ahead I was reminded of the power of Twitter and of the ways that social media enables us to connect with other teachers, classrooms and students. In the interactions that occur online, enthusiasm and inspiration can come from all sorts of places and people, and in these interactions there exist possibilities for our learning and our thinking.

After searching the web for some interesting clips to help me teach the verb avoir with my Year 7 French class, I came across a youtube clip of a teacher rapping the verb with his class, you can check it out here:


I loved this concept and began trying the rap out at home, teaching Rohan (my poor husband who was trapped at his desk doing his own school work) the parts of avoir through rap. I emailed my LOTE colleagues at school eager to share the link with them and then posted it on Twitter.

Suddenly there was a familiar sound from my iPad – a notification to let me know someone had sent me a tweet. I checked and discovered it was Alix, a teacher from Byron Bay.  I’ve included the screen shot of our tweets (don’t worry dear reader, I emailed her today to check this is ok with her!).



A tweet is sent. An idea is shared. A connection is made.

The idea blooms and grows as it is shared and the connection moves from Twitter to email, as Alix and I exchange plans and ways for our students to share their learning with an audience outside their immediate school community. As we discuss the ways we will share our rap battles, we share ideas about how best to do this, we navigate our way and hopefully we will create a moment of learning that our students will remember and grow from.

I’m sure there is learning for us as teachers as we embark on this process and I look forward to sharing this as we go – so let the rap battle commence!