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Have you flipped yet?


Well we are heading into the silly season when calendars become jam packed, people start to crowd into shops stockpiling like the zombie apocalypse is about to hit and I start to look a bit like I’m crawling rather than running towards the finish line of December -so asking if you’ve flipped yet might seem like a reasonable question. What I’m talking about though is your classroom – have you flipped it yet?
Despite the fact that the end of the year is drawing closer, at this time of year I always start to think about next year- what will I do to make my classroom a better learning environment for my students? What is it that I want to experiment with – what things have caught my eye over the course of 2012? Yesterday I decided that classroom karaoke will go on my ‘to do’ list for 2013. Today I’m thinking about flipping my classroom and about using paperslide projects as a learning activity in my tutorials and in the classes I’ll be teaching at school next year as well. If you haven’t come across Dr. Lodge McCammon  yet check out this brief introduction:

Maryann and I were talking about ways we might play around with the ‘traditional’ lecture format in one of our classes and use the lecture time for more seminar based work – flipping our classroom might be a good thing to experiment with in order for this to happen. I’m also interested in experimenting with the paperslide projects for differentiation in the tutorials and my school classes to see if adolescents and adults respond differently to this kind of task. You can find out more about flipping and about the paperslide projects by visiting the FIZZ website:



I’m planning, plotting and getting ready to flip – what about you?